Welcome to your local RI resource for MA CSL Continuing Education!

MA CSL Continuing Education at RI Builders Association

The MA education program at the RI Builders Association is designed to get you access to a local and affordable education resource. If you are an RI or nearby MA contractor, our online course allows you to save time and money.

Since 6 hours of the CSL continuing education must be completed, we have created a six-hour online class that meets your four-hour code review requirement and provides 2 extra hours of code related topics that can be used toward your electives.

The cost of our six-hour course is free for RIBA members and is only $50 for non-members. Courses are generally scheduled quarterly – to register, please call Bob Salvas at 401-438-7400.

After taking our class, if you wish to finish the remaining 6 hours of credits online, we recommend you visit our sister Home Builders Association in Massachusetts and finish the rest of your required educational credits using their online resources. Below is a link to the MA Home Builders Association online educational website. They are a trusted industry source for top-quality education.

Special note: In combination with the 6-hour class we offer, you will need to complete the topics below which include two additional on-line elective courses – all of which can be taken at the Home Builders Remodelers Associations education website noted below:


Required Curriculum

The following hour(s) of continuing education topics are required for CSL:

  • • Code Review four (4) hours (our 6 hour class covers this requirement)
  • • Workplace Safety one (1) hour
  • • Business Practices / Workers’ Compensation one (1) hour
  • • Energy (except Demolition Specialty License) one (1) hour
  • • Lead Safe Practices (only first renewal cycle) one (1) hour
  • • The remainder credit hours to be completed by approved electives – you will need two extra hours of elective classes to combine with the 6 hour online class we offer. Our class includes 2 hours of extra code for elective purposes.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 401-438-7400.

In the coming months, RIBA will expanding its online MA offerings so please call us or check back often to get updates on this inexpensive and convenient educational program.